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"Welcome to my portrayal of the 'Old West' in bronze sculpture. I find western sculpture is a doorway to a wealth of knowledge and feeling. Cowboy art encompasses the whole panorama of the human experience. I remember fondly the hours spent as a youth reading of renegade horses, cowboys, outlaws, ferocity, passion, cunning, honor, loneliness, courage and freedom. These words worked their way into my soul and now find expression through my fingers in clay. The west was about men and women who had courage to work for something bigger than themselves. I find great pleasure in doing these people justice by creating a fair portrayal of their characters. As an artist, my desire is to use western sculpture as a vehicle to inspire mankind to see the beauty of life and remember our 'Old West' heritage."
~ Scott Rogers

Scott is the nephew of Grant Speed and as a young child was enthralled with his work and so began his love of sculpture. After earning a degree in finance and accounting and while he was working in the oil and gas business in 1990, Rogers purchased one of Speed's sculptures and was so taken by it that the first night he had it in his home, he slept on the floor next to it. Six months later, he drove to the local craft store, bought all the clay inside, drove home, and started his first sculpture out in the garage. Rogers was 30 at the time and studied on his own for a year before signing on for workshops with the likes of Speed, Herb Mignery, Stanley Bleifeld, Mehl Lawson, and Fritz White. by 1994, he was sculpting full-time.

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