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Gloria D' credits the creativity of her art to the Native American people, their culture and religion. Born in 1954, for Gloria, art has been a way of life. She is a self-taught artist and historian. She has learned her art through the Elders from South Dakota where she lived for over twenty years.

Each creation is a part of a story, recalling events and legends of the Plains Indian and expressing the beauty of Indian life. Working with a variety of media, Gloria maintains that vision is the key to making her art. If a person creates without a vision, she loses the pride of creation, and without pride the piece is not a work of art but simply a craft object.

Gloria's biggest inspiration comes from Chief Frank Fools Crow, and his grandson Joe (her husband). It is in loving memory to Chief Frank Fools Crow that she dedicates her art, and will always remember the works told to her by her adopted Grandfather.

" All honorable men are from the same tribe"

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“Ghost Dance Dress”