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Much of the first twenty-five years of Greg's life was spent the the mountains at his home in Telluride, Colorado.  It was not unusual for Greg to set off for days in search of the animals his grandfather and father taught him to appreciate.
    What started out as Greg's interest as a child and dream as a young adult, has turned into a career choice that allows him to find the greates satisfaction.  His self-taught style has come from lifelong exposure and appreciation of the outdoors.  HIs artwork, once given only as gifts, can be found on magazine covers and in the homes of art collectors throughout the country. 
     Wilson attended Colorado Institute of Art and Utah State University.  His work has been on many covers of wildlife magazines as well as on the Utah Big Game Proclamation  in 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2000.  His painting was chosen as Artist's Choice in the 1999 western Heritage Artists Art Show.  He has also received many other recognitions and awards by wildlife foundations.

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“Winter Drifter”
18 x 24