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Roses cascade over a white picket fence where a visitor's bike waits in the afternoon shade. An inviting doorway stands waiting at the end of a flower- bordered pathway. Using these simple, everyday scenes, impressionist Sandra Boschet combines light, color and texture to evoke warm emotions and pleasant memories. Her paintings stir a nostalgic longing and issue an invitation to "come home."

Brought up in a small farming community in Montana's Bitterroot Valley, Boschet derives her inspiration from her family and neighbors, who lived simply and close to the land. Her floral landscapes recapture her roots with their peaceful settings and bountiful gardens.
Although Boschet's artistic inclinations began in childhood, she received a degree in graphic design and worked briefly as a freelance artist before trying her hand at fine art. In 1987, after experimenting with a variety of styles and subjects, Boschet focused on the floral landscapes that allow her to express all the elements she treasures about art -color, texture and shape. In 1989, she began experimenting with a palette knife, adding new dimensions to her work and allowing her to develop the impressionistic style and brilliant tones and shades that distinguish her paintings.

Subjects for Boschet's works are found on trips to small towns untouched by time. She is most often inspired by simple, ordinary places that tend to go unnoticed. She starts with sketches and photographs at the site, then, uses a brush to lay down an under painting back in her studio. She finishes by applying patches of paint with a palette knife, building layers of color and texture that create the brilliant blossoms and quaint settings of her images.

Boschet's success in connecting with the viewer and touching a cord of shared feeling or memory is evident in the phenomenal demand for her paintings and the numerous requests for private commissions. 'Boschet's paintings can be found in public, private and corporate collections throughout the United States, and her works have been used as cover art for publications such as Reader's Digest magazine.

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"A Beautiful Day"
18" x 18"